Yoga is a life journey.

Sometimes it  gives you joy, other times it's so challenging.

Just smile, breath and go slowly.

If we listen to ourselves, the answer lies within

I will be your guide and walk this journey with you.

Message from Nao

What is profound about yoga is that it is both a philosophy and a way of life. In the western world the image of yoga is so much about external appearance, thin bodies and beautiful postures. However, yoga becomes even more powerful when it’s beyond the physical as it deeply influences your state of mind and enriches your quality of life.


In my yoga sessions, yes I will guide you to move safely and effectively so that you get all the physical benefits. You can expect to become more toned, flexible and stronger and you will learn to recognise, appreciate and respect your body. 


Going beyond that I would also like you to experience more than just the physical satisfaction. I will help you to become so connected to your breathing that it will produce a deeply calming affect on your mind and lead you to a state of complete attention to the present moment.

As you progress you learn how to give your body and mind what it needs. This is an amazing skill to support you in living your life happily and consciously. You will find yourself, your true self, and it is here that the real yoga journey begins. Yoga means “union”, you feel the connection with yourself, others, nature and the universe.


I believe yoga is so powerful that it can change your life, not only from my own experience, but also from that of my clients. I have had the honour of witnessing the many significant changes in their lives as they move in positive directions.


It would be my honour to share that journey with you through the practice of yoga.