I've been practicing Yoga for more than 10 years, have attended various yoga lessons, and I can say Nao is the best instructor I've ever met. I had her private lessons for over 5 years, and it literally changed my life. I used to suffer from various malaise like stiff neck, joint pains and bad blood circulation etc, but I felt completely cleared up and balanced for the first time in my life when I started to take her lessons constantly(now I'm back in Tokyo and I always miss her lessons!).Her passion and knowledge for yoga and anatomy is superb, and she has a really good sense of understanding for students' physical and mental individuality through lessons. Her private lessons were very meditative and fun at the same time, and I could learn so much about my body and mind through these sessions.I also attended her group lessons, and they were really nice in a different way. I personally recommend that you attend her group lessons constantly to keep up your good habit and feel harmony with other yogis, and sometimes take private lessons to know yourself more deeply with Nao's fantastic guide! 

Ayahi Suda

By the end of a class with Nao I am always in a state of deep relaxation, far more so than any other class I have ever taken. Yoga with Nao is an essential part of my life in UK connecting me with myself and recharging my energy. 

In other classes where the level is mixed, I often feel either that the session is not taxing enough or is too hard. With Naori it is so different. The small class size ensures every minute is valuable and I feel each student can operate at a personal level, being ourselves, while also encouraging each other to excel with deeper postures.

Nao always brings back new techniques and knowledge from her extensive training and travels which keeps her teaching varied an challenging. 

Nao has had a huge influence on me both with yoga and on my journey towards inner peace. 

Kaori Carter

I love going to Nao's classes because walking into her class is like walking into a haven of peace. 
Nao is a beautifully gentle and loving yoga instructor who will challenge you to find your inner strength to move into postures you didn't think you could do.
She encourages you to experience your own practice  as an active meditation and I always feel amazing when I come out of her class, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Louise Hill

As everyone says, Nao is the best Yoga teacher I have ever met, who provides such a effective and enjoyable lesson and the opportunity to focus on your mind and body.

Because she always try to listen to each student and considerate what each student needs in the lesson, she doesn’t stick to a specific format of the lesson.

It’s flexible and special depending on the student with a variety of techniques as a therapist and
Yogic teacher. It helped me a lot when my life was tough.
When you want to need help physically and mentally, or you are just interested in Yoga as an exercise, whichever, I highly recommend Nao's lesson!!!

Kiyomi Yoshikawa

Nao was my great yoga instructor during my three-year stay in the UK. Her healing power made my UK life even more splendid!

 I thought I had lots of experiences in yoga before meeting her. However, her sessions were indeed an eye-opener for me. Even the easy-looking poses were profound and I realised those simple poses were even more difficult! I felt very much refreshed after each session. Her yoga flows and breathing techniques were also very valuable for me. Nao's sessions were always customised depending on our conditions. It was such a joy to have yoga sessions with such a professional instructor as Nao!

 Regardless of your yoga experiences, Nao's sessions will meet your expectations for sure and I strongly recommend sessions with her! 

M Hirata

Nao is knowledgable, confident and talented. I always feel comfortable to learn and challenge myself under her instruction.
I feel challenged, refreshed and renewed after every yoga session with Nao. She is an excellent teacher.

Andrew Sims

I have been attending Nao’s class for years now and no doubt she is and will be the best yoga instructor ever for me!

Love her clear instruction and relaxing music through the lesson, gentle touch with scented balm she gives us at the end of class etc. Highly recommended!!

Keiko Hara

I took Nao’s private lesson in order to make my own practice programme.  She consults the needs and physical problems and puts the movements together which fits your level. She explains the purpose of each movement and corrects your posture, and teaches how to use the muscle and how to balance your body weight. This has deepened my understanding of movements and maximised the benefit from Yoga practice. The programme she arranged for my home practice was “just” right for my fitness level so that I could continue it every day.  I feel that my body had been changed and feel much more positive!

Kaori Aga

Nao-san's class is very enjoyable! She takes time to explain how to do with easy phrase or doing by herself and make adjustment for each of us. I  believe you would feel relaxing your body and soul after class.

Kazumi Komatsu