Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is a holistic approach to healing, utilising various yoga tools such as yoga postures, breathing, sound, visualisation, and meditation that addresses not only the needs of the body, but also those of the mind, emotions, and the soul.

Depending on the health condition, yoga can be a preventative, a curative and help manage illness and improve overall well-being.

Sessions are structured to your unique condition and is tailored for you, taking into consideration your physical abilities and lifestyle. Yoga is beneficial for anyone who suffers a health condition or healthy individuals who want to improve/maintain their health. No prior knowledge of yoga is necessary. 

🌸 Who is it for

*Anyone who suffers from a health condition or are in pain

*Anyone who hasn’t been diagnosed with a specific illness, but doesn’t feel healthy

*Anyone who wants to improve/maintain their health

🌸 Examples of conditions that may be improved with Yoga Therapy

*back pain

*stiff shoulders





*panic attacks

*eating disorders

*digestive issues





*menstruation disturbance


🌸 Where

At your comfort - home, office, park or at my location in Herne Hill

🌸 When

We can discuss the session time.


🌸 How does it work

There will be minimum 2 sessions, and then follow up sessions are available.



First Session (90min including free 30min consultation)  ー During the first session we will determine the initial focus and direction of your practice together. I use questioning, observation and palpation as the main sources of information. From here I will design and then teach the first session. This may include combinations of yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, relaxation, use of sound and visualisations. I will give you a short sequence that you can practise at home until the second session.



    ↓ about 1 - 3 weeks later



Second session (60 or 90min)  ー During the second session I will teach you a full sequence for you to practise at home regularly. This sequence is tailor made for each individual to address your needs for your physical and mental conditions. I will also advise you on your lifestyle and diet if necessary. I am here to support you to achieve positive results, so you are welcome to contact me if any concern arises during regular practice.



    ↓ about 2 - 4 weeks later



There will be follow up sessions available if you would like to develop the practice you have taken. We can address any additional issues or observations that arise and changes are often necessary. Though these follow-up sessions are optional, I highly recommend them to maintain your practice and your health.